beach group classes

get your Summer bodies on the beach!

tuesdays at 6pm and thursdays at 5pm. 

presale packages available. text 201-694-2463

location - Santa Monica 

$60 for 5 classes

$100 for 10 classes

Come join me for a 45 minute class that will tone, push, burn excess

body fat, energize, and get you excited about working out! ​A recent

research study from Austria suggests that physical activity outdoors 

promotes better stress recovery and helps to improve anxiety and

mood better compared to indoor exercise. umm, who wouldn't enjoy

a beachy view instead of a stuffy gym? duh. 

in person personal training ($125)

  • Custom progressive workouts based on individual goals 
  • Option to do group training (add $45 per person)
  • Nutrition guidance 
  • Option to train at our gym, your home or gym, or outdoors

skype or facetime training ($40)

  • Certified personal training from anywhere

tailored programs emailed weekly ($50 per week)

  • Progressive workout programs and videos sent weekly
  • Proper form instruction for safe training
  • ​Accountability calls, texts, or emails to keep you on track
  • Nutrition plans to get the safest, quickest results

Why spend money for a gym membership or public fitness studio? 

Now anyone can afford a personal trainer with skype online training.

you will benefit from  one-on-one personal fitness training personalized to achieve your goals in the relaxed environment of your own home.  If you don’t have time, are always traveling, can’t afford to meet with a trainer, or sign up for a fancy gym, you can log on to Skype and work out with your own  certified personal trainer. So next time you’re stuck at the office after everyone has cleared out, log on and do a class before finishing those reports, bring your laptop while traveling and work out from your hotel room, or set up a time to “meet” me for a sweat session.—whatever works for you.

My online personal trainer program allows me  to offer you personal training wherever you are for a price that is less than what i would normally charge per session. As a certified fitness professional, i will design and be present during your workouts, demonstrating the exercises and making sure you are performing them correctly. You set appointments with me just like my in-home clients. The only difference is that sessions take place over Skype rather than in person. Now, no matter where you are, you can train with me making achieving your goals more convenient than ever. Contact me for a free consultation.

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